Never lose another sale

Do Me a Solid lets you be with your followers at checkout to offer them your promo codes

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The Do Me a Solid Creator experience
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People Forget

The problem is that each time your followers forget to use your links, you both leave money on the table.

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Your Sales Sidekick

DMS reduces the time and effort you spend promoting links across all platforms by creating a single channel to get your followers your promotions at the moment they need them.

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Win-Win Experience

You never lose another sale and your followers always get the deal. By presenting your promotions at the point of sale, your followers are left feeling like you just did them a solid.

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No Minimum Follower Requirements

You don’t need a million followers. With your current promotions and your existing audience, you can start boosting your sales conversions today.

Key Features
DMS Extension Pop-upPopup
DMS Extension Pop-up
Never lose another sale

When your audience is visiting the sites that you promote, the DMS Extension pops up and reminds them of your offer so that they always get the offer and you always get the attribution.

Performance Monitoring Dashboard
Performance Monitoring Dashboard
Do you feel overwhelmed promoting across multiple platforms?

Save time. See which offers are working across all platforms so you know where to focus.

Automatic Remarketing
Automatic Remarketing
Sometimes people just need a reminder.

Through DMS, send a follow-up automatically to interested followers so that they don’t miss out.

Single-click access
Single-click access
Can your audience instantly access all your links?

Store and give access to all affiliate and promotional links in one click.


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